Tim Britton and Pat Egan are in the forefront of the contemporary Celtic music scene. They toured with button accordion icon Paddy O’Brien as Chulrua for 6 years, recording two acclaimed CDs.

Hailed as “a phenomenon” by Time magazine, Tim is a virtuoso on the rare uilleann pipes, wooden flute, and tinwhistle. He is a veteran of over 40 years of performing with the cream of the Irish music pantheon, appearing on over 50 records. His profound insight into the tradition is enhanced by the many influences he grew up with in Philadelphia.

For over thirty-five years, Tipperary man Pat Egan has developed his own powerfully emotive style of guitar accompaniment and vocal delivery, appearing with a plethora of players throughout Ireland and the States. He has feathered his nest with some wonderful but little-known songs, old and new that fit both traditional and contemporary contexts.

Appearing here as a duo, they will be sure to warm your hearts and challenge you to stay in your seats.