Huge thanks to the many talented people who gave so generously of their time to bring us a successful event. They include:

Kaye Jacob — School Program Administrator, Symposium director

Richard Beall — Symposium director, Country Table organizer, University and school
liaison, and Humanities evaluator

Denyce Rusch — Festival Administrator, Marketing Manager, Food Vendor director,
Baking Contest organizer, Grant Administrator

Paul Squillo — Music Director

Rebecca Johnson of the Fairfield Public Library — brought an expert on the use of a computer application, “Transparent Languages” to the festival.
Rebecca and her library friends also took charge of the “Passport” Game for children of all ages who gathered flags of the countries represented in their “passports” and then showed them at her table to receive a prize.

Kate Ross — Grant writer
Weda Boolos — Accountant
Tim Britton and the Sound Staff of the FACC — Sound Engineering
Ellen Roth — Food Vendor organizer

Werner Elmker — official photographer
Paul Delisle — photographer

Plus —

Val Hirschorn, Jeff Fitz-Randolph, Shanaz Kreider, Colleen and Carl Stone, Gay Soupiset, Margarita Buhre, Mayor Ed Malloy, Ann Bosold, Anastasia Kitakis, David Todt, Ron Khare, Joshua Laraby and all those who helped fold chairs and clean up at the end of the concert.

Also, Rustin Lippincott of the FACC, Marla Brader, First Fridays Director, Pam Craff of the Parks and Rec Dept., Dawn Travis at Fairfield City Hall all contributed enormously and made the festival happen.

The International Baking Contest judges Curt Goudy, Steve Boss, and Eric Rusch showed their great taste and community spirit.

Special thanks to all the many people who personally took time to put together beautiful and educational tables representing different countries around the world.

We really appreciate the performers that shared their talents with us:

Foliba — West African Drum Ensemble

Tim Britton on Irish pipes

Fairfield Dancers of India

Aikido Demonstration

Turkana —Turkish folk music from Iowa City

Ann Bosold — Flash Mob Greek Dance in Central Park

Jonas Magram Jazz Quintet

Son Peruchos — Peruvian Indigenous Music

Oktoberfest Polka Band

Skunk River Medicine Show — American Roots Music

Out of the Green — John Williams, Katie Grennan, & Tim Britton

Baraka — Amine Kouider & Friends from Algeria and beyond

Bambu — Latin flair rock/hip hop from Fairfield and NYC

Big Thanks to Our 2019 Sponsors

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