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Symposium 2018 – World Fair Field International Festival

2018 International Day of Peace Symposium


An Emerging Civilization of Compassion:

Friday Sept 21, 2018
Vision, Obstacles, Strategies, and Actions

The Compelling Case

“We are living in the most critical time in all of human history, a time to do what is needful or face the direst of consequences…. The very future of life on Earth is at stake. We face multiple, interlocking crises, any one of which could be decisive—climate chaos, misogyny, systemic poverty, oligarchy, prejudice, and a culture of violence. A whole system transformation is underway, and we are at the brink of either mass extinction or a whole new way of being human on planet Earth. Which it will be depends on what you and I do with our lives.”

The Big Picture

“What then is the big picture, the overarching narrative of our times? Is it inevitable that we are moving through a time of systems collapse, suffering, and death? Or could something else be emerging? …. What if these crises are really opportunities to redesign our societies as part of a new, empathic civilization of sustainable human development that works for everyone?

“I would submit that we have a radical choice to make—to move toward either a sustainable and humanizing world or a world of endless dystopia of chaos and suffering.”

“’Where there is no vision, the people perish.’ Having a sense of where you are going—or more importantly, where you want to go—is very important to human motivation and happiness.

“Yes, we need to be clear on the crises, problems, and challenges, but we also need to dream of a new world that is so attractive that it beckons us and motivates us to create it.

“What might a new civilization of compassion look like? It will be based on six principles: sustainability, equality, justice, participation, tolerance, and nonviolence.”

– Robertson Work, A Compassionate Civilization (Friday Keynote Address Speaker)

Fri. Sept 21, 2018: Symposium Schedule

International Day of Peace

Friday Sept. 21st Symposium Schedule
9:00- 9:30REGISTRATION and EXHIBITSFairfield Arts & Convention Center lobby
10:00INTRODUCTION AND ADDRESS – Mayor Ed Malloy: Implementing the UN Goals in Southeast Iowa
Sondheim Theater
10:10OPENING REMARKS AND PURPOSE SETTING: Dr. DeWayne Frazier, Iowan Wesleyan UniversitySondheim Theater
10:15KEYNOTE ADDRESS (ROBERTSON WORK): What is a compassionate civilization and how can we work together to achieve it? What can I do to make a difference?

Focus: Six Principles: Environmental Sustainability, Gender Equality, Socio-Economic Justice, Participatory Governance, Cultural Tolerance, Peace and Non-violence


Possible questions: How did you arrive at these six principles? (background with the UN / international development, etc.) How do they relate to / evolve out of the 17 SDGs? Why now? Why so urgent? Why us? What can we do? Why should we care?

A newly published book by NYU Wagner Professor Robertson Work, A Compassionate Civilization, deals with the urgency of sustainable development and mindful activism. It focuses on six areas of social transformation and how to address those as innovative leaders, global/local citizens, and as part of a Movement of Movements. It is not a technical book for experts but a series of personal and professional reflections and recommendations by the author, intended to inspire, challenge, and equip. Work’s research and teaching emphasizes issues of innovative leadership.


Sondheim Theater

PANEL DISCUSSION & Q & A (facilitated by Robertson Work): Civic leaders, business people, student leaders, NGO heads talk about their involvement with each of these goals

Sondheim Theater
Maharishi University & School campus
Argiro Student Center, 1000 North Court Street
Annapurna Dining Hall
Welcome: Dr. John Hagelin
Cultural Performance
ADDRESS: Tom Morgan Cross-Cultural Perspectives
MUM Argiro Student Center

Dalby Hall

2:00WORKSHOPS & Moderators:
* Hunger: Dee Sandquist
* Education: Tom Morgan
* Gender: Kelly Danaher
* Water: Ed Malloy
* Consumption: Morad Malek
* Immigration: Bob Mueller
* Compassionate Communities: Robertson Work

MUM Argiro Student Center
* Hunger: North Dining Hall
* Education: Dalby Hall
* Gender: Festival Hall
* Water: Boardroom
* Consumption: Classroom
* Immigration: Lounge
* Compassionate Communities: Cafe

Plus tour of MUM’s Sustainable Development Building, one of the most advanced energy efficient structures in the US

Same Locations

Sustainable Development Building tour: meet in lobby of Argiro Student Center



Generation Waking Up
Sharing our Commitments
Group picture

MUM Argiro Student Center
Dalby Hall
5:00Conference EndsGroup Picture

Olson Family Outdoor Amphitheater in Gil Younger Park

Academy Award nominated French documentary film.
“Magnificently moving, funny and altogether wonderful!” -IndieWire
Orpheum Theater
121 W. Broadway, Fairfield, IA (641) 472-8333

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