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IowaWINs Immigration Library – World Fair Field International Festival

IowaWINs has an electronic library of immigration information that can be accessed by anyone.  We are using Google Drive to store documents, pictures, and videos related to many topics of the immigration debate. 

There are indices in several formats to get a quick overview of the topics covered.

The files include discussions with Senator Grassley and with Senator Ernst’s staff, speeches at rallies, letters to the editor, articles on how to discuss immigration issues, and articles on ICE. 

There is a folder ‘Handouts and other docs’ which contains flyers to share with friends and to hand out at events within your community.

The ‘Videos’ folder includes ‘Genesis of Exodus’ and the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Immigration.

The first file is a HOW TO USE instruction to get more detail on options everyone has to access and distribute this information. To access the library, go to https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NoULa7-bIvRdIsFzCLidl6sSyEE4y5F_.   (NOTE:  This link ends with an underscore.) There is no login and no fee.

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