On Saturday, September 22, 2018, the first International Baking Contest will be held in support of the World Fair Field International Festival on the downtown Central Park Square. All manner of home-baked goods made from recipes of international origin will be accepted to be judged by local baking celebrities: Curtis Goudy, head baker at HyVee, Stephen Boss, local foodie and producer of the Great Taste radio / television show, and Eric Rusch, of Breadtopia, online renowned bread baking enthusiast.

Three Prizes in each of 2 categories (Pastry/Dessert and Bread) will be awarded in a blind taste-test judging. The judges will be looking for superior quality in appearance, flavor, and texture.

Breadtopia will be donating prizes from their store of kitchen goods and freshly milled organic flours. Other generous donors are also likely to sweeten the pot of awards.

This is also an opportunity to donate baked goods even if the baker does not want to take part in the contest. All baked goods involved, whether being judged or not, will be accepted as donations to help support the Festival, and will be given out for monetary donations to the cause.

Anyone wanting to take part, email the following info to fairfieldculturalalliance@gmail.com 
Subject: WFF Baking Festival

• Name _______________________________________________________

• Address ______________________________________________________

• Email address ___________________• Phone # _______________________

• Name of Recipe __________________• Recipe Origin ____________________

• List of All Ingredients Used_________________________________________

Check here ____ if you want your baked goods to be judged in the Baking Contest.

Bring your works of baking art plus a printout of the above emailed info to the baking table on the Fairfield Central Park Square by 1 pm on Saturday, September 22. You could be a winner!