Once again this year, our library and its staff have jumped in with both feet to help cultures be understood by others, a definite service to our diverse community.

They will be demonstrating their website database, Transparent Language. Through the Library’s site, it is available to all. You can use the same service the US government has its employees use before they go to experience different cultures in the world.

Transparent Language Online provides a fun, effective, and engaging experience for learners of all levels looking to build their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a foreign language in over 100 languages, including English. Mobile apps are available for learning on-the-go.

Besides library staff and volunteers demonstrating the database, they will also run the event passport table, and promote international library resources by wearing sandwich signs and special hats in four categories:  Sustainability, Global Travel, Fairfield Musicians, and Cookbooks.

Like last year, they will let us know how we can continue learning about cultures other than our own using resources available right here at our Fairfield Public Library! Many thanks.