Reknowned Irish musician, Pat Egan

Reknowned Irish musician, Pat Egan, is playing with his friend, our own legendary piper, Tim Britton, at 8:00 on Saturday at the WFF Festival on the square! See his bio here.

How cool is that?!

Aikido, ancient Japanese art of self defense On this Saturday, September 14, at the World Fair Field International Festival, Professor Motiér Haskins MSW, Chief Instructor, 6th Dan Shidoin; of the Fairfield Iowa School of Aikido, will speak and teach at 3:00 pm on the Fairfield Downtown Central Park Square. Sensei Mo travels from Iowa City […]

On Saturday, September 14th on the Fairfield downtown Central Park Square the World Fair Field International Festival again presents free music and fun all day, from noon to 10:30 pm.

The first event of the day will the Parade of Colors sidewalk parade from Howard Park at the Farmers Market down Main St. to Central Park.
Anyone with an affiliation or affection for a particular country or culture, is welcome to join the walk in costume and/or with flags. Children (with their adults’ accompaniment or permission) are especially welcome.

Come join the fun!
Gather at Howard Park at 11:30 am. Email questions to

Once again this year, our library and its staff have jumped in with both feet to help cultures be understood by others, a definite service to our diverse community.

They will be demonstrating their website database, Transparent Language. Through the Library’s site, it is available to all. You can use the same service the US government has its employees use before they go to experience different cultures in the world.

Transparent Language Online provides a fun, effective, and engaging experience for learners of all levels looking to build their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a foreign language in over 100 languages, including English. Mobile apps are available for learning on-the-go.

Besides library staff and volunteers demonstrating the database, they will also run the event passport table, and promote international library resources by wearing sandwich signs and special hats in four categories:  Sustainability, Global Travel, Fairfield Musicians, and Cookbooks.

Like last year, they will let us know how we can continue learning about cultures other than our own using resources available right here at our Fairfield Public Library! Many thanks.

25 Countries were represented by beautiful and creative displays around the downtown Fairfield square They included:

Iran, Bulgaria, Sweden, Mexico, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, Fiji, Puerto Rico, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, France, USA, India, Netherlands, Guatemala, Israel, Vietnam, Poland, Brazil, South, Korea, China, Greece, Canada, Mixed in America, Italy, Nepal, Ireland

Prizes were awarded to:

India 1st  Prize
Iran 2nd  Prize
Fiji 3rd  Prize
Italy  Honorable Mention
Hungary Honorable Mention
Mexico Honorable Mention
Puerto Rico Honorable Mention

International Baking Contest Results

15 delicious entries using recipes from as many different countries were lovingly and expertly baked by local bakers and brought to the Festival for judging. Chef Curtis Goudy, head baker at HyVee Foods, Eric Rusch of Breadtopia, Inc., and Steve Boss of Great Taste TV carefully tasted, tested and consulted with each other to determine the best of these great treats. They agreed that it was difficult to judge with so many quality pieces, but they only had 4 prizes to distribute (3 from Breadtopia and 1 from HyVee), so they determined the top 4 based on their high quality of appearance and taste. (After judging was done, festival attendees were happy to buy the remaining portions of the tasty baked goods and judge for themselves.)

Prizes were awarded to:
Nada Saleh for her al-Sham (Jordanian) Pita Bread 1st  Prize (1 of 2)
Meredith Siemsen for her Lithuanian Grybai (Mushroom) Cookies 1st  Prize (2 of 2)
Elisabetta Forte Callati for her French Chocolate Caramel Tart 2nd  Prize
Minolli Nayagar for her South African Sunny Carrot Cake 3rd  Prize