Aikido, ancient Japanese art of self defense

On this Saturday, September 14, at the World Fair Field International Festival, Professor Motiér Haskins MSW, Chief Instructor, 6th Dan Shidoin; of the Fairfield Iowa School of Aikido, will speak and teach at 3:00 pm on the Fairfield Downtown Central Park Square. Sensei Mo travels from Iowa City to demonstrate techniques and a wide variety of personal, social, physical and cultural skills that the discipline develops Aikido (The way of Spiritual harmony) is not only a very effective form of self defense for adults but for children and adolescents as well.

This art of self defense is the answer for parents who are concerned about the effect of violence in movies, on television, bullying and video games.  Aikido stresses the importance of respect for others while instilling self confidence, discipline and self esteem. Children and adolescents may increase their confidence level without becoming overly aggressive and violent. Children will learn to respect authority and develop a sense of harmony with others.

AGES 6-12 at the Old St. Mary’s School 404 N. 3rd St (SECOND FLOOR)
Beginners Class Wednesday 6:15-7:30 PM • Beginners Class Saturday
10:30-11:45 • Advanced Children’s Class Saturday 12:00-1:15 PM

Aikido practice will provide children with improvements in the following areas:
• Personal Skills: Self Discipline, Focusing skills, Self Confidence and Self Awareness.
• Social Skills: Cooperation, Relating to Others, Good Manners.
• Physical Skills: Flexibility, Agility, Balance, Stamina and Strength.
• Cultural Skills: Japanese Customs, Etiquette, Tradition, Language and Clothing.

COST $ 25.00 Per month (Scholarships Available)
For InformaVon Call Sensei MoVer Haskins @641- 455-6568